Next-generation vehicle development

Hino Motors will continue to meet the challenges of creating the next generation of vehicles with the aim of “reducing new vehicle CO? emissions while driving by 90%” .

Strength of electric vehicles x Social needs = Next-generation vehicles created by Hino

Utilizing the advantages of electric vehicles in response to various social needs, we develop "trucks and buses that do more," representing the next-generation standard.

We have developed a "electrification platform" that accommodates all power trains

We will develop a "electrification platform" compatible with all power trains (devices that transmit power to the wheels) that can be fitted in any electric vehicles.

*1 An inverter is a device required for operating a motor by changing its rotation speed.
*2 The power-generating device of a fuel cell vehicle (FCV).
*3 A range extender is a system consisting of an engine and a generator installed to extend continuous cruising distance.

Next-generation vehicles used in urban areas

We have developed three types of electric vehicle for in-city applications—the small EV bus, the low-floor light-duty EV truck, and the fuel cell bus—providing vehicles that are easier and more convenient than ever before.

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